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OperantLearningControlUnitSystem – Experiment control, data acquisition and analysis. One software for all experiment components and set-ups – even your already existing ones!

Neurophysiology, drug testing, psychophysics, operant learning, circadian rhythmicity, lesion studies, phenotyping, neurodegenerative diseases, feed testing, diagnostic…


Key features:

  • Combine various systems, like measuring & monitoring devices
  • Expand your system at any time
  • Only required components are licensed
  • Graphically oriented drag & drop interface
  • Automatic code generation
  • Import & export common formats, also with database connection
  • Data flow oriented – transmission paths are freely interchangeable
  • Tracking, localization, transponder control, automatic rewards, reward programs, prepared learning experiments, stimulus generation also in 3D
  • multitouch screen connection, network communication, remote transmission
  • utilise in the lab or outside

Trial versions are available now! Contact us